• January 2022–present: I am currently teaching Logic and Philosophy of Science for students of the BSc in Philosophy and Communication Studies and Epistemology of Big Data for students of the MSc in Data Science.

  • 15th April 2021: Guest lecture overviewing topics and trends in Machine Learning. The lecture was given in the context of the course Probability Logic taught by Prof. H. Hosni, for students of the MSc in Philosophy (Reasoning, Analysis and Modelling track).

  • January 2021: Lecturer of the course Topics in Logic, Probability and Computation, for students of the PhD in Mind, Brain and Reasoning. Jointly taught with Prof. H. Hosni and Dr. P. Baldi.

Lecturer, Teaching Assistant and Marker at UCL, Department of Information Studies:

Demonstrator and Teaching Assistant at University of Palermo, Department of Maths and Computer Science:

  • I worked as a Lab Demonstrator in the Theoretical Computer Science course of the MSc in Computer Science. (see my slides on Fuzzy Logic)


See the dissertations page (in Italian) if you are a student at the University of Verona who's interested in doing a dissertation concerning one of my research interests.